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David F. "Dj" Johnston - Track & Field Techniques Coach



David F. "Dj" Johnston

Coach David F. “Dj” Johnston is considered one of the top Track and Field coaches in the world and has passionately dedicated over 40 years to coaching. He is most noted for his Approach Run (Speed) Six-Stride Mark Chart and its relationship to pole vault and long jump approach run speeds, stride lengths and performance success. Through extensive research, the creation of the Six-Stride Mark Chart and its practical application , DJ has worked tirelessly to implement the physics of the “numbers” which combines speed, accuracy and posture to maximize results, not only in the Pole Vault and Long Jump but in other events and other sports as well. DJ earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Central Arkansas. He was a three time Collegiate All-American in Track and Field, and an NAIA National Indoor Champion in the Long Jump. He is a member of the UCA Bears, Conway Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame for Football and Track. In his junior year football season he accumulated over 400 yards with 20 catches and four TDs, in an era when passing was not a big part of the game. He once held the record for the longest pass play from scrimmage of 85 yards. In Track and Field he held eight school records, four AIC Conference Records and was High Point Performer his sophomore, junior and senior years. His record performances included Conference Championships in the 110 hurdles, long jump, triple jump, 4X100, 4X200 and 4X400 relay. His long jump record held for 10 years and his triple jump record remained on the books for 38 years and was finally broken in 2007. In addition to his collegiate performances for UCA , he held the State Triple Jump Record. Cumulatively these accomplishments led to his induction into the Arkansas Track and Field Hall of Fame for his performances as an athlete and as a coach of world class stature. DJ has coached Track and Field (Athletics) at the International, Olympic, University, National and High School levels, producing champions at all levels in numerous Track and Field events. Former pupils include 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist in the Pole Vault, Mike Tully; previous World Record Holder, Javelin Thrower Roald Bradstock; University of Florida Hall of Famer, Winter and Summer Olympian Liston Bochette, SEC Champion and All-American Pole Vaulter Will Freeman; Bahamian. Olympian and Florida SEC Long Jump and Triple Jump Champion, Michael Sharpe; and Canadian Pole Vault Record Holder and Olympian Bruce Simpson. While at the University of Florida as an assistant track coach, DJ worked with and was mentored by former UF Head Track Coach, 1980 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Coach, and USATFCCCA Hall of Fame Coach, Jimmy Carnes. DJ also had the honor of coaching with Guy Kochel and Bill Webb. Guy Kochel is a USATFCCCA Hall of Fame Coach, former USA Pole Vault Coordinator, former ASU Head Coach and published author (Practical Coaching Techniques for the Pole Vault). Bill Webb is the former Cal State Northridge Head Coach, former University of Tennessee Head Coach, U.S. Olympic Committee National Track and Field Coach of the Year in 2003, and recent USATFCCCA Hall of Fame Coach inductee. At Southern Methodist University and Arizona State University DJ coached several All-Americans and Olympians from Sweden and Great Britain. Billed as one of the world’s top Track and Field (Athletics) coaches with extensive knowledge and experience in Approach Run velocities and accuracies, DJ is a clinician at camps and clinics worldwide. His presentations include the “Physics of Speed” and technical models in the triple jump, pole vault (“19+Plus”), hurdles, high jump (“The Natural High Jump”) and 4 x 100 meter relay. He was one of two technical speakers at the 2001 USTAF High Performance Conference in Las Vegas where he presented “4X100 Meter Relay: The Timed Method of Establishing a “Go” Mark” and “Fundamentals of the 4X100 Relay Overhand Baton Pass.” In addition to speaking engagements and clinics, DJ provides one-on-one personal coaching to world class athletes in various Track and Field events, and speed and plyometrics training for athletes participating in football, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, volley ball, rugby as well as Track and Field (Athletics). He is a published author with papers on the Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault and 4X100 Relay. With his love of the sport and technique, DJ has been an innovator in equipment and tools development for coaching Athletics, having as many as seven products on the market at one time. Currently he is marketing the Speed Ladder – Hurdle Ladder-Triple Jump Ladder -Training Ladder for Speed and Approach Run Development, Hurdle Training Pads and his popular One Approach Run Training Workbook. His philosophy is to “be your best” and to do your best at all times with the talents god has given you. Use the process of Knowledge-Tools-Skills-Experience; which means to search for the best “knowledge” about the task you are seeking to accomplish, find the best tools for the task, know and develop the skills necessary and then practice the parts (tirelessly), the skills and the “whole” of what you want to accomplish until you are at the top of the field you have chosen. contact me Let's chat about your goals and what is the best way to help you reach them!



While each individual event is unique in itself, the approach run is a universal technique to improve your technique in any event. 

One Approach Run

David F. "Dj" Johnston

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